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The Most Insanely Over-Engineered iPad Stand Ever

If you’re so rugged you demand your technology is teamed with accessories that look like they should form part of an engine, this is definitely the iPad stand for you. It even has a manly name: this is the Rokstand.

Hewn from raw blocks of 6061 T-6 Billet Aluminum, the Rokstand is—you might want to sit down before I tell you this—made in the US. We should celebrate that. What the hell else is made in the US these days?

Anyway, it’s practically dripping in needless engineering: high-speed bearings, non-slip contact surface rings and strange little cam systems that provide six whole angles of adjustment. All that, to hold an iPhone or iPad. It is perhaps one of the most ludicrously over-designed product you’ll ever buy but, despite that, I still love it. And you can be damn certain of one thing: it will never break.

It does, however, cost an eye-watering $169.00. At that price, it better not break.

(Source: Gizmodo)

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